Buzz: The Music Quiz Game!

Last night, we stayed at some friends’ house and had a really good evening. Nice food, good wine, and great friends. And one really fun game!

We played Buzz, a music quiz game I’d read about on the BBC site a few weeks earlier. It sounded like a fun game, if you had great musical knowledge. As it turns out, even my non-existent knowledge of pop music, old or new, didn’t matter terribly. The game is great fun, and with over 5000 questions, the extent of the gameplay is certainly enough to last many sessions during the Christmas season!

There’s no worries about arguments on who’s cheated and how points are counted, because Buzz, the ever smiling cheese meister host, is impartial. And he’s also Australian. In fact, he’s Jason Donovan!

And as if these reasons weren’t enough to convince me, the game (for PS2) with 4 controllers costs only £30 on, so a bargain to keep everyone entertained during family parties! I highly recommend it!

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