250,000 super balls

Can you imagine what 250,000 super balls bouncing down a San Francisco road would look like? Check it out on Sony Bravia’s mini-site.

I highly recommend downloading the Featurette. Simply a great ad, and as one of the camera guys explains, it could’ve been done in a little room on a computer, but the greatness of 250,000 real super balls going down the hill is just too great!

I’d LOVE to do something like that!

6 thoughts on “250,000 super balls

  1. Hal

    Seeing 250,000 bouncy-balls on a cinema screen was kinda cool.

    I seem to remember another advert that did the same thing a while ago though…

  2. pa

    trèèèès beau et divertissant pour une pub!
    Peut-être faire voler dse outardes (bernaches) à travers le monde en arrêtant un peu partout grâce à leurs reservations avec Activehotels…hihi..

  3. nuttycliffster

    Thanks for this site it had all the info i needed. looked at many other sites for this song and all i got was crap. Nice to know a good old british girl has a clear and informitive site,and who is sexy too (sorry andrew). Many thanks. Oh and the adverts great!

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