Funny Google Searches – Part VI

Some of the +3000 November Google searches, in keeping with my much-loved monthly (sorta) tradition! This month was a true success…

  • “pimp my girl / pimp my fiesta” – This could all go so wrong… Is it set in Essex?
  • “what are the most original but nice baby names in london” – Like Shaznee, Barry, Ceejay, etc… You Chavbabymaker.
  • “drinking age in menorca” – As soon as you’re able to hold a glass, hombre!
  • “redletter days refund” – Yes, right this way, visit for your refund. Please hold while Mrs. Elnaugh flaunts her skills (or total lack thereof) on Dragon’s Den for yet another year
  • “audrey a lovely canadian girl” – Didn’t think of asking for her phone number after that one night stand, didja?
  • “jordan lip-synching children-in-need” – What else is there to say? Glad I’m not alone thinking that
  • “do i look bovered?” – Do I? Yeah but do I look bovered??
  • “khyle westmoreland” – Oi! Hi Khyle, doing another vanity check on Google, are ya? 😉 Same applies to you, Mr. Floyd Hayes. Don’t think I didn’t see you!
  • “girl in constipation adverts” – Please tell me it’s not because you find her hot in that advert!
  • “is it going to snow on friday 25th november” – The stuff you get in England isn’t snow, it’s just that the sky’s got dandruff.
  • “lessons on being disappointed” – Lesson is, don’t do business with Red Letter Days
  • “getting disconnected from ntl” – You gotta be kidding. It doesn’t work that way. NTL is like Royston Vasey, once you get in, you just won’t leave!
  • “red letter days marketing mix failure” – Could we be talking about Rachel Elnaugh again!? (Yes I’ve got a gripe with her)
  • “what would be a healthy three course meal and explain why it is healthy in uk” – Fish and chips. Yes, I tell you it’s healthy! Only healthy in the UK though. It’s only 150cals I swear! (Stupid thicko)
  • “i want to look a photo at guys disguised as the girl” – You… have umm… problems… you know that, right?

2 thoughts on “Funny Google Searches – Part VI

  1. lorna

    ermm i think it might have been me who did the Khyle Westmoreland search to find his blog. although i wouldnt put it past him…

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