And into December we go…

Wow, nearly a week since I blogged… Geez, I didn’t think having a social life and a busy job would affect my blogging that much!

Thursday night, we had some friends over for one of their birthdays and had raclette (which consisted of about 3 tons of cheese each) and birthday cake. Friday, while we had the evening off, I spent it painting my nails and relaxing (and recovering from the previous evening!)

Saturday night was amazing. We knew we were in for some good fun, as Andrew’s parents were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary and had made some secret plans for us. We knew it involved dressing up and going to London but that’s about it. Turns out we went to Floridita, a Cuban restaurant and dance club.

The evening started with some Mojitos and some nice food and ended with some fun dancing. I’ll be putting the photos online later, but I’ve got to say it was a memorable evening! It’s a wonder my feet weren’t killing me the next day!

I just can’t believe how fast 2005 is coming to an end. Yet another very eventful year for the little Canadian girl… Oh but what am I talking about! It’s not over yet, still nearly a twelfth of it left to go, and it’s looking like a busy one!

One response to “And into December we go…

  1. pa

    A Canadian statistic..the most unproductive month for business and obviously for the government: starts with a D…

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