A bad idea

Look up “bad idea” in the dictionary, and you’ll find a photo of me, a big bag of chocolate covered coffee beans washed down with a large coffee in a timespan of about 10 minutes.

I think I’ve had so much coffee today, I’m unbelievably wired and I think my hands and my eyeballs are shaking a bit.

Dear oh dear I could do with a quiet relaxing weekend and a couple of LUSH bathbombs…

3 responses to “A bad idea

  1. I looked it up, and disappointingly, no photo. Stupid lying Internet.

  2. «A couple of LUSH bathbombs…»
    There is a GOOD idea! N’importe quand! 🙂

  3. Mat: You probably have an old edition of the dictionary, you know it does take a while to arrive to Australia by boat… 😉

    Epicure: Agreed! Tonight might be perfectly suited to a couple of Sakura bathbombs and some Vanilla sugar body scrub. Mmmmm

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