How to spend your days off

Ze hubby and old housemate Hodgson are watching Total Recall this evening. Arnold Shmarnold, it’s a rubbish film! At least, I’ve got chocolates and my laptop to help make up for the sheer crapness of the movie they picked! To quote Hodgson, “Who needs the laws of physics when you’ve got an Arnie film?”

The past two days have been foodie days, with cheese fondue and Chinese fondue yesterday and a serious roast dinner today! A huge roast chicken, a honey & mustard roasted ham, with the whole range of Christmas veggies – yummy roast potatoes, carrots, brussels sprouts and roast parsnips. We’ve got loads of chicken and ham left for sandwiches, mmmm!!!

Hard to believe it’s already Friday night and we’ve been off for a week though. I would love to have another whole week off, but I have no doubt I’d start getting antsy by the end. So I’ll happily enjoy my new years eve get together with some good friends, take Sunday and Monday to chill out (and recover, most likely) and troop on back to work on Tuesday!

Oh god, as if Total Recall wasn’t bad enough, the boys have now moved on to watching the Shopping Channel! I didn’t think it could get any worse…

2 responses to “How to spend your days off

  1. Andrew Peps

    Not just any shopping channel, the Playboy shopping channel, no less!


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