Last look back: The blog

The end of a year comes a bit like the end of a roll of toilet paper, it happens sooner than you thought it would. Before I rush into 2006 like a bull in a China shop, I thought I’d take one last look back at how this blog’s evolved over 2005.

that canadian girl older versionThe most obvious change is the new look and feel, back in February. From some frighteningly pink Warholesque pop art, Andrew helped me create a new look using an image that represents me so well – a short, grumpy, stumpy girl! 😉

Back in January, I was all impressed by the 2000 unique visitors I was getting. Over the course of the year, that number’s grown to over 8000, and the Google searches have only been getting funnier. If I managed to multiply the number of unique visitors in 2005, I’ll try to do the same in 2006!

2005 Stats for

I could list more random blog-stats but I’m probably already boring the living hell out of everyone…

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