The Fashion Police is out in full force

They need to be! What would we do without the Go Fug Yourself girls to point out how badly multimillionaire Smellywood stars have been dressing recently! They’ve been in my selection of links on the left for a long time but I spent most of the evening last night going through archives and having a good laugh. (Yes, I’m that sad, shut up.)

Debbie Gibson looking fuglyI mean, I don’t even know where to start, they’ve found some complete pearls in there. Let’s take Exhibit A here, Debbie Gibson wearing something I can only describe as ill-fitting.

I’m not exactly the queen of fashion here, but some of those people have got to be out of their minds to show up on the red carpet in horrid outfits! For a true true example of fugliness at its best, click on the “Chloe Sevigny” category.

Muah! How I missed you, Fug!

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