Who are your favourite comedy actors?

But more than anything, who are your worst ones?

I was thinking about it and Hell for me would be to be stuck in a small room with Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey and… who’s that other one… umm oh yeah Ben Stiller! Well, unless I had a gun with three shots as well. Then I think it’d be closer to heaven. But seriously, those guys aren’t funny! Slapstick humour just doesn’t do it for me, so Sandler’s out, Jim Carrey just makes me want to slap him, and Stiller just drives me nuts!

Will Ferrell is just one notch higher. Watching Anchorman at the moment, and it’s sort of cute and vaguely funny so I can cope. I guess everyone needs an easy-watching movie sometimes…

One thought on “Who are your favourite comedy actors?

  1. pearl

    I think I have a crush on Zach Braff. 😉

    Loved him in Garden State and just watched the Season 2 DVD of “Scrubs”. The comedy can be pretty slapstick and over-the-top in Scrubs but there are a lot of good moments in there due to very zany ‘fantasy’ scenes.

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