The 2006 Bloggies

It’s that time of the year again!

Last year, Dooce cleaned up and gracefully thanked her readers, and many lesser-known bloggers shot to fame.

2006 BloggiesNow, it’s time to go vote for your favourite blogs of 2005. I’m not posting this because I expect you to nominate me, I’m only posting it because last year, I only realised it was time to nominate a day before voting closed and nearly missed my chance to enter my favourites in!

You have until January 20th to enter all your nominations, at which point the shortlisted blogs will appear for you to go vote for a winner!

Have fun, and be original, there are so many good blogs out there. Definite top bloggers in the food category for me are Chocolate & Zucchini and Domestic Goddess!

One thought on “The 2006 Bloggies

  1. pa

    Les bas de Noel sont vides de bonbons (enfin?. Donc, je planifie une salade avec légumineuses pour le lunch …pour passer de 160 à 155,4,3,2,1 bingo… et un 3 à 4 tapis roulant/ une bonne dose de flute à bec, piano, fute trav., bass..
    Un régime de B.B.!

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