Too proud not to mention…

Technically, this should go on my food blog. But that would involve logging out of this, logging into my other admin, and telling a much much smaller number of people about the unbelievably successful dinner last night.

I thought we had nothing left in the fridge, I figured we’d have to have a bowl of pasta with some pesto or chopped up tomatoes made into yet another boring tomato sauce. But I really really fancied a cheese sauce. Sainsburys was closed, being Sunday night, so I thought let’s give a cheese sauce a go. If I fail, we’ll go for boring pesto or tomato sauce, if it works, then we’ll have a yummy parmesan sauce, it’ll fix my craving and I’ll be a happy bunny.

Quickly checked what else was in the fridge, found asparagus and smoked salmon. Got a bit too excited over what I was going to cook and nearly sliced my wrist on the cheese grater while grating the parmesan piece.

Cut to the chase, it was a superbly successful creamy cheese sauce, made with fresh parmesan, some Cravendale milk (oh my god, that’s the nicest milk in the world and it keeps for AGES!), garlic and shallots, and a little bit of flour to thicken. It was very very yummy over tagliatelle with asparagus and smoked salmon.

The moral of the story is, you might think there isn’t anything in your fridge, but look twice, you might be able to create something amazing, AND feel great about your new-found success! Don’t be afraid of trying new recipes!

2 responses to “Too proud not to mention…

  1. pa

    Bravo Chef! On aurais du te laisser faire la cuisine à la maison..! Aissi, j’aime bien utiliser ce qui reste pour ne pas gaspiller.Bonne semaine!

  2. fseguin

    Wow! Sooo proud of you!! Wish I could share dinner with the two of you… Love, Maman xoxo

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