Macworld San Francisco 2006 did a fantastic job at keeping us mere mortals update during Steve Jobs’ keynote presentation!

The new Macbook Pro is out. Dual-core Intel, apparently 4 times faster than the current Powerbook, with built-in iSight (creepy, I’d never be comfortable blogging in my underpants with the thought that someone could be watching me), but as far as the looks go, it’s still pretty much like the Powerbook.

Macbook Pro

Priced at £1429 for the 1.67GHz and £1779 for the 1.83GHz, it doesn’t come cheap. But then, since when did price stop Mac users from getting what they MUST own?

Oh yeah, and Steve presented other stuff, blahblahblah just look at any Mac site for the full updates on the Keynote 🙂

One thought on “Macworld San Francisco 2006

  1. pa

    A bit overwhelming, eh ?? Will owners of Mac PB and G5 feel cheated ??..Hummm,would have been nice to buy a few shares when Apple was 12$ and analysts were predicting the end?

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