BrightFeet Light Slippers

Bright Feet Light SlippersNo way! I think these BrightFeet Light Slippers were made for me! I can finally see where I’m going when I need a wee in the middle of the night, but without blinding myself by turning the ceiling light on.

I truly AM the queen of clumsiness! There was a certain yogurt incident a couple of weeks ago; I took the lid off a small yogurt and dropped it on the carpet so quickly I reached for it to pick it up… with the hand that was holding the full yogurt tub! I’m such an idiot sometimes! Between that, near-spilling a bottle of water on my boss’s laptop and tripping on my own feet when walking on an otherwise perfectly flat surface, I’m lucky I haven’t injured myself more often.

And people wonder why I’m not keen on sports like snowboarding and rock climbing. Well, let’s see… I’d probably manage to kill myself in the stupidest ways possible, like falling off a ski lift or strangling myself with a rock climbing rope while standing on terra ferma.

I’ll stick to less dangerous sports like knitting and gossiping. Though I’m sure I’ll somehow find a way to injure myself with a knitting needle!

(via Shiny Shiny)

2 thoughts on “BrightFeet Light Slippers

  1. fseguin

    Ahhhh, tu m’as tellement fait rire… c’est bon ça, un vendredi après-midi. Super ces pantoufles!!
    Love, Maman

  2. Epicure

    Dans mon cas le danger vient plus de l’absence de mes lunettes que de l’absence de lumière… Un «pétage» de nez mémorable il y a une quinzaine d’années fait encore rire mon chum aux larmes!

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