Seven things

It was Lisa‘s idea… so I thought I’d improve on it and add another category to make it a 7×7.

I could post something wittier tonight, but it’s simply not possible. The mental power gets used at work these days, which leaves me feeling like a braindead drooling idiot in the evening. Or maybe that’s the drinking. Well, either way, here goes nuttin’.

7 things to do before I die:

  • Visit Japan and eat real sushi
  • Live or at least travel for an extended period of time in the South of France
  • Be my own boss and run my own business for a while (and sell it and get rich…)
  • Be in an amateur musical production again (hopefully not TOO amateur…)
  • Learn to drive (soon)
  • Record and write about my life enough to leave something behind for the future generations
  • Know that I’ve achieved the things I’ve always wanted to do and just be happy with life

7 things I cannot do:

  • Read a livejournal blog
  • Watch an MTV-related channel without muting it more often than not
  • Pretend I want babies any time soon
  • Make roast potatoes as good as Andrew’s
  • Remember ANYTHING. My memory is absolutely horrible.
  • Wear high heels and a dressy skirt for more than a few hours, I need my jeans
  • Program anything in any language. I’d like to be able to but it’s not currently part of my skillset…

7 things that attracted me to blogging:

  • Being able to motormouth and talk complete codshit without anyone telling me to shut up (or if they do, I can delete their comments, hah!)
  • The idea of recording life snippets to look back on years later
  • Keeping a diary without ever having to handwrite or worry about losing my diary
  • The idea of an online presence – Had some sort of personal online space since 1994, not about to give it up! How many 13 year old girls had their own website on 94?
  • Being able to show-off that my hubby’s a designer and made me a unique and very cool design
  • Knowing that by writing my own, I’ll end up reading some fascinating, interesting or lousy blogs, but at least I’ll keep up with what’s happening in that sphere of technology.
  • Being able to tell ONCE what is happening in my life and directing friends and family, especially the ones across the Pond, to ze blog.

7 things I say the most:

  • Did I really say/do that? I truly don’t remember saying/doing that! (Andrew will vouch for my complete and utter lack of a memory of what I do)
  • Pepperrell, that’s P-E-Double P-E-Double R-E-Double L, yes, double everything.
  • Andrew, you get up, it’s your turn to go shower first this morning…
  • OMG, I’m SO blogging that!
  • American? I’ve known you this long and you think I’m American? You’re SO blacklisted!
  • I’m going to jump off a bridge… Where’s the nearest one to the office, guys? (at which point they all gladly point me in the right direction… Are they trying to get rid of me or something?)
  • Ooooh, I HAVE to have that gadget!

7 books I love:

  • Three Quarters of the Orange, by Joanne Harris
  • Any Jamie Oliver cookbooks, for their simplicity, beautiful pictures and for being so inspiring to try new things
  • However mainstream the next two may be… Harry Potter collection, particularly the dark dark Triwizard Tournament one.
  • DaVinci Code by Dan Brown, for being unusual and interesting
  • 1984, because I only read it recently, having skipped Grade 10 English class when they read it.
  • Bridget Jones books (not so keen on the movies), because she’s so unpretentious and genuinely trying to figure stuff out, like the rest of us.
  • I don’t read enough books!

7 Movies I love:

  • Lucky if I can find 7 movies, I’m not a big TV/Movies person… But definitely Hackers is up there as part of my collection of classics
  • Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain is THE movie to remind me not to take life too too seriously
  • L’Auberge espagnole, because it makes me dream of travelling again
  • There, I’m already struggling to think of more movies…
  • Because I can’t think of any more movies…
  • I’ll fill up this space and say…
  • La Course Destination Monde, while not a movie, was full of short movies that changed my views of the world and my life wouldn’t have turned out the way it has if it hadn’t been for it.

7 things you hold true at this very moment:

  • I need a bare minimum of 7 hours of sleep to function properly, which is an improvement to my previous unbelievable grumpiness if I didn’t get a full 8 hours
  • Dooce is one of the coolest bloggers of all time
  • Wearing high heels is an art which I haven’t quite mastered at this point in time
  • For the first time, I feel I’m learning new stuff in my job, unlike previous jobs where I felt my brain melting. This is exactly the feeling of constant learning and growth I’ve been looking to find since I left University
  • Working on Mac in the office is much less frustrating than working on Windoze
  • Blogging is fun, but sometimes it’s hard work
  • This was fun to fill in, but probably will make very little sense as a whole once I hit Publish.

Tadah! That’s it! Good night!

6 thoughts on “Seven things

  1. laputain

    L’Auberge Espanol very nearly made my list, but i have only seen it once and felt I’d better hold it up to more robust scruitiny first.

    I too should really have put ‘live & work in France’ on my list of things to do before I die, becuase it’s one of my few big ambitions. also tall ships. did i remember ot put that in?

  2. pa

    C’est une page que j’aime beaucoup!! Quel style.. rapide, personnel, humoristique, et super pour un journal des bons moments de la vie!! J’ai manipulé une cassette VHS de LA COURSE mais je ne la trouve plus..sorry! Bonne chance avec 7.5 To do.. J’ai réussi 4 jours avec l’Eurovan à gauche !*?!

  3. Andy

    Hi.I’m Andy.I’m from Shanghai,China .I’m considering finding several intresting blogs abroad. And I found your blog by chance,If there’s some movies I’m gonna intruduce to you,that could be “Shamshock Redemption” and “October Sky”( Seems you watch many French moviesguess you have French blood =),I will be back and look around what you’ve written here.
    Bonne année, Mademoizelle!

  4. Will

    I’ve got this great film (sorry, I absolutely refuse to say ‘movie’) you might like – ‘The Net’ with Sandra Bollock and jeremy Northam made in 1995. I’ve heard they asked our uncle, Bill Gates, to play the arch-villain. He declined only, the story goes, because of other commitments.

    It’s not a particularly good movie, (sorry, film) and the main premise is rather fanciful, but you may find the geek in you is interested.

  5. Vero

    Will, I remember that movie. Terribly bad, inaccurately depicting technology yet really damn funny to watch. Thanks for reminding me about it 😛

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