The World According to Google

No, I’m not talking about the Money Programme’s “The World According to Google” on which my company was featured as part of the Google Adwords (woohoo 15 secs fame for the PPC team – don’t go click on the ads though!)

Through Web Pro News, I found The Prejudice Map. Apparently, the Australians are known for their “no-nonsense, uncomplicated friendliness, directness and obsession with sport”, Russians for their “brutality, passion, soulfullness and for being tough negotiators” and Canadians for their “cultural diversity, humility and kindness, being tolerant and for liking their beer”. Amusing stereotype map.

2 responses to “The World According to Google

  1. cfd

    They didn’t say that we were tolerant to beer? did they?

  2. pa

    What about another kind of and the Chinese inertnet police..scary government!
    One fellow got 10 yeras in jail for looking up ‘democracy for Tibet’ Why doesn’t the world blogging community talk about freedom of communication in Iran or China???

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