Hey lagerboy…

The best poster ever!


I saw the poster at a pub near work before Christmas, came back from holidays and the poster was on the wall in the office. My guess is someone nicked it from the pub a couple of days before Christmas… but now it’s temptation on a daily basis, even at 10am, all we can think is beeeeer, sweet sweet beeeeer!

4 thoughts on “Hey lagerboy…

  1. Vero

    The moment someone says beer, Mat will appear! 😀

    I’ll be sure to have a nice cold one in your honour this evening!

    Yours truly,
    A frozen -3c Cambridge team
    (heating’s still broken in here…)

  2. pa

    Sounds like TGIF over there..Here in the land of Rock, its raining all day and +5c?%$# Should be -6 and Winterlude, ice sculptures, 6 km of skating on the canal..Must be the British winter blowing across the Atlantic…without the Hobgoblin??

  3. Rune

    bumped into this site as i was looking for a place to purchase this super nice poster. I also spotted it in a pub. Someone had bolted it to the wall though…….Hmm, i wonder why!!

    Any idea as to where the poster is sold online…

    Kind regards from Denmark!!

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