Superbowl commercials

I’m not American. I don’t “get” American football. But most of all, I don’t get the Superbowl hype, or the willingness of American enterprises to blow millions on 30-second adverts every year.

While I do understand that it’s a once-a-year chance to reach a demographic group and hit it hard, it’s still fascinating to see the price paid go up every year. This year, the average cost was $2.5 million per 30 second clip though I’m sure some advertisers paid handsomely more to get the best spots (ie. during the first third when people aren’t getting fidgety yet and taking so many bathroom breaks, food breaks, etc…).

So if like me, you’re only interested in seeing the ad breaks to see whether Americans managed to pull off anything clever this year, you’ll find the ads on Google Video’s Superbowl page. I haven’t watched them yet, so I’ll come back with feedback once I have!

One thought on “Superbowl commercials

  1. Lisa

    Oooh excellent! I’m with you – the only interesting thing about the Superbowl are the ads. That, and the chance you might see somebody’s nipple.

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