Permission marketing

Permission marketing is when you give a company the right to use your email address and send you newsletters or other mail of interest. You know, that time you ticked the box to opt-in to that newsletter? Or more likely these days, the time you forgot to tick the “No I do not wish to receive…”?

A fair share of companies using permission-based marketing know where to draw the line between mailing customers with interesting offers and thinly disguised spam, indiscriminate to whether it’s what you signed up for. But some don’t. And some really, really don’t.

Sainsbury’s is one of them these days. Yes I have Nectar card and yes I shop at Sainsbury’s (too often…), but NO, I do not want 3 emails from Sains in 24 hours!

Let me give you the play by play:
Yesterday afternoon, I received an email telling me I’ve got to hurry because I can only buy overpriced roses for another three days, otherwise I’ve missed my chance to tell my loved one that I love ’em for a year. Because you know, you only say it once a year. With very expensive red roses. And a rose-shaped Toblerone.

Then at 3pm today, I was told “Dozen red roses now only £25, hurry only 2 days to order”. Think maybe yesterday’s email wasn’t naggy enough and you needed to push it again and prompt me again, telling me the exact same thing you said yesterday?

And finally at 5:30pm today, it was Rob Crumbie (do you pronounce that “crummy”?) and Kelly Holmes thanking me for taking part in Active Kids last year (oh really?) and pushing this year’s scheme. Sure it’s a good cause, but you’ve already spammed me so much, I don’t wanna hear it.

So… Sainsbury’s now has a mail rule set against it and it won’t see the light of my inbox again. Do not pass Go and go straight to jail. Or junk folder in this case.

Moral of the story is, if I gave you permission to mail me, I didn’t give you permission to go crazy and spam.

One thought on “Permission marketing

  1. Vegcat

    Ugh. Dell is almost as bad. A week after I bought my laptop (which I have fallen in love with) I got an email to say the same model was now on sale for £40 less. NOT the kind of email you wanna get, y’know? 🙂

    Sainsbury’s is also annoying because they charge over £3 for Innocent smoothies, which I’m addicted to, and they seem to pride themselves on making their store layout as complicated and illogical as possible. Give me Tesco any day!

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