Akismet, I love you!

The new integrated spam filter for WordPress is absolutely brilliant. In the past few days, it’s picked up nearly 300 spam messages, and since I installed it a few weeks ago, it’s nearly 800 indecent spam messages.

It’s saved me so much box-ticking time, since it picks up 99% of the spam I’ve been getting and WordPress has put the other 1% in moderation. What a wonderful thing spam filters are!

4 responses to “Akismet, I love you!

  1. Andrew

    Wow, i never got that much praise for the spam filter i wrote before the integrated akismet!! It caught 100% of the spam.

  2. But you probably caused some real comments to never show up! We’ll never know!!

    Plus you get special praise every day, I cook you food, I clean up after your slobby self, etc etc 😉

  3. pa

    Time for a rose ??

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