Just a passing thought…

A few acquaintances and friends have announced recently that they’re pregnant. I always oooh and awww because a new life is always amazing, and babies grow so fast, it’s unbelievable. (Plus, when they grow up, they come out with real gems, Leta’s babbling, Lilly’s “Good idea!”, or me, age 3, singing “Au pays de Candy” while on the potty (not a chance you’ll ever get a hold of THAT clip!)

But when thinking about it… That’s nine months without drinking a drop of booze. Nine months without rare steak, without raw fish (byebye sushi), no recipes containing raw eggs (forget eating cake batter then), no goat’s cheese (granted I think I’m allergic to it, it makes my tummy and skin crawl a couple of hours after I eat it, sure fire!), no brie, no other soft cheeses because they contain a bacteria called Listeria, as I found out from my dear Canadian Domestic Goddess.

The list of things one cannot eat while pregnant goes on forever, but most of all, no wine? No gorgeous cold crisp white wine on a Friday night, when you feel the week lasted a million years and you can’t believe you resisted strangling that coworker at the end of that two hour meeting???

So I raise a glass to all the ladies who have the courage to have babies! Not a streak of motherly urge in this girl, I’ll leave it to the rest of ’em for now!

4 thoughts on “Just a passing thought…

  1. christina

    I’ve done it twice and it’s not that bad! Really. But then again I don’t drink wine, so I can’t say what torture it must be for some. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog today. I’m going to go explore your food blog now.

  2. pa

    hmm..Maman had 4 girls and we ate all the stuff mentionned here above, everything in moderation, n’est-ce pas… A half glass on the weekend. c’est bon..And the magnificient 4 turned out alright..so far!?!

  3. Lisa

    In the UK, you can have 1 unit of alcohol/day (that’s half a pint of beer or 1 small glass of wine) although to be honest, drinking usually loses its appeal when you’re pregnant anyway. As for rare steak, raw fish, and goat’s cheese, they are not off limits here either. I think North Americans are a lot more strict about foods to avoid during pregnancy.

    P.S. I ate brie and Jack turned out okay. 😉

  4. Jowel

    I know it’s an old post but I just had to say it:
    Last night I had a dream… You had baby twins!! lol!
    …and then I was racing on rollerblades with Catou’s ex-boyfriend to try and find some rice noodles… right.

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