Google does Widgets in its 20% time

It’s a known fact that all Google engineers get to dedicate 20% of their work time to a pet project. Jonathan Berger, from the Mac Applications team, notifies us of three funky widgets created by the Google team.

Google Mail Widget

One for the Blogger users, allowing you to post from the Dashboard (pah! WordPress has done that for yonks!), one to check your Gmail, and one to dig back into your search history.

As the sarcastic Digg populace stated, “It’s a good day to be a Google and Apple fanboy” (or fangirl).

2 thoughts on “Google does Widgets in its 20% time

  1. Yazan Malakha

    Yeah nothing new there; another half baked google beta that will be dropped or forgotted. I think I’ve seen a gmail widget before, so there’s nothing new there and I refuse to use any google product that would search my desktop or browsing patterns.

  2. Vero

    But that’s part of the fun, they’re trying stuff like all good creative companies should do. If it doesn’t all work, it doesn’t matter!

    None of these widgets specifically apply to me. I prefer flores, rather than any other Gmail notifier, since it doesn’t distract you by showing who/what the email is), and I don’t use the search because it’s not worth my while. And well, this isn’t a Blogger blog so it doesn’t apply either.

    But I find that a policy of producing more rather than less, discovering what works and where the market gaps are, and in the end, focussing on those products IS as good a way as any to grow!

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