James Blunt tops US music Billboard

So it’s happened again. British music manages to sneak its way up the US Billboard, and it turns out to be complete and utter shit music.

Why can’t it be something better? I mean, I’m not a fan of much of what plays on the radio, but if anything, ship the Arctic Monkeys, KT Tunstall or even (*shudder*) Coldplay over! Anything even vaguely decent has to be better than Mr. Valium himself, James “I once was a soldier but am now a pothead” Blunt.

A quote from a BBC News article sums up only too well why the US have taken a fancy to James Blunt; “Americans like Brits when they are the musical equivalent of Hugh Grant,” says Mr Needham. “Sensitive, slightly bumbling and a bit posh.”

I’m siding with Chris Moyles in saying James Blunt’s cd isn’t even worthy of becoming a coaster for my coffee mug (ok, he didn’t say it in those words, but he doesn’t think too highly of the man’s music) but please allow me to present you with an alternative version of the song. Much much better!

3 thoughts on “James Blunt tops US music Billboard

  1. pa

    I waiched part of the British music awards…and listened to this guy singing, mumbling pop ballads..but
    the musical creativity is blah..Geez ( my age group), I miss the beatles and co. .. He has a nice guitar though, this James B.

  2. John Falbo

    Shut the hell up just because hes a pot youre gona say he sucks you dont know good music if it hit you on the head.. Yes the beatles were good and the doors pink floyd and all that shit is good but this is good too and guess what the beatles were fucking acid dropers and and crack head so yeah learn your shit women

  3. Vero

    Falbo: I’ve got no issues with him being a pothead, and can’t deny that drugs have been a channel to some pretty great music out there. My issue is with the manufactured ballads and generally boring drivel he comes out with.

    Like anything, it’s going to have some lovers and some haters, so it’s your right to like it, but it’s also mine to think it’s a pile of crap.

    Oh and finally, watch out, no insulting my dad or you’ll pay dearly! 😉

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