Nokia N70 – My new gadget!

I’ve had the same old phone for a couple of years, the Nokia 6100, a simple but sort of featureless little phone. It did me well, but I desperately wanted a camera phone as a way to spice this blog up a bit (and to quiet my mom down about not sending enough photos home 😉 ).

So I treated myself to a Nokia N70 (warning, god awful minisite, just go look at the specs), as it had the 2 megapixels camera I wanted and plenty of funky features like Symbian OS, mp3 ringtones and an easy-access upgradable memory card.

Vero on SundayI haven’t had a huge amount of time (or sunlight) to try the camera in different lighting conditions but so far so good. It does video as well, but I can’t imagine that’ll come out too well!

Otherwise, it’s also got a highly addictive version of Snakes. Ok, I know most people don’t care, but I’m easily entertained, especially when sitting on the bus to work when it’s either playing mini-games or watching miserable people fall asleep.

At this point in time, the N70 comes highly recommended if anyone’s looking for a new phone! More photos on the way!

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