iCal tip – calendar colours

Using iCal, I have 7 different calendars (Work, Internal meetings, Very important work, Tickler File, Personal, Birthdays and holidays) but the most recently-added, the Tickler File, was causing me confusion (I’m easily confused so bear with me here)

iCal has 6 default colours for its calendars, after which point it starts cycling through the colours again. This meant that two calendars were listed under the same colours. Doing a quick search for ways to change that, I found a multitude of bodge-job “hacks” to change them, all of which were followed by a “this broke my iCal” comment from another unfortunate user.

Then, someone pointed out the obvious. You can change the colour of the calendar by clicking on the calendar and then its colour in the info tray. This pops up a colour wheel, which lets you select any colour.

I can’t believe how obvious this is now, but I somehow went months without noticing, so thought I’d share it in case anyone else is pleased by the obviousness of it.

Time to pretty up those calendar colours, I’m not fond of the default lurid green.

One thought on “iCal tip – calendar colours

  1. pa

    C’est plus sophistiqué que le Commodore 64 …avec les petits carrés de couleurs.. ha le bon vieux temps! Bonne semaine

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