Oooh! Is this Spring?

I think today, the shadow of the possibility of something resembling Spring may have happened! We had sunlight for more than a couple of hours and while the weather wasn’t exactly warm, it felt much milder and comfortable outside.

There were talks of pub terrasses, bbqs, reading good books in the garden, and staying up late just because the sun’s up later too.

So we’ll be changing the clocks this weekend, losing an hour of sunlight in the morning but gaining one in the evening, which should be nice! (Just a shame it means one less hour to sleep…)

Corinne Bailey RaeSomething else that’s making me feel like Spring is Corinne. (Yes, like you’d pronounce Corinne in French but with the “r” of an English speaker. Simple? Not for Mr. Chris Moyles) Another really rather “easy listening”, Corinne Bailey Rae, from Leeds, is that kind of easy blues-soul that reminds you of floaty summer dresses and evening cocktails in the garden. Not pretentious for two pence, I highly recommend adding the album to your Spring/Summer collection.

Can’t wait till the Bellini and Sangria season starts, and till we get those BBQs back out from the garage (yeah B-B-Q-with-an-S, we’ve got 3 charcoal BBQs in the garage… don’t ask!) What’s your favourite summer activity? drink? What are you looking forward to most this summer?

2 thoughts on “Oooh! Is this Spring?

  1. Lisa

    Opening the french doors, putting up the umbrella on the garden table, dusting off the BBQ, and eating outdoors! That, and the lethal margaritas that my husband makes. Ooh and our Canada Day BBQ to which you are more than welcome. 🙂 (A friend of mine is making a beaver pinata – surely that can’t be missed!)

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