Ten Four things I didn't know this time last week

I started the list wanting to post 10 items, but I can only think of four. What new useless facts have you learned recently?

  1. I always wondered where Mormons communities were and who they were. Only last week, I realised that the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” long adverts I used to see on TV as a kid were in fact announcing just that, the Mormons.
  2. Google Video offers RSS feeds now, and you can customise them to the types and number of videos you want to get – say the top 10 most popular, or only football-related ones. (Ok it’s been more than a week for this one, but I never got around to posting it.)
  3. Gateau au yaourt

  4. Quite how tasty yogurt cake is – I found this recipe on Clotilde’s blog and thought I’d try it one day I was at home sick, feeling awful but being too bored to just sit around. So I made cake. And I felt much better afterwards! So when you feel ill, bake yourself a cake!
  5. Shellfish such as mussels and oysters are at their best in the months that contain an “R”. In the summer months, they’re breeding and are rather thin on meat and not so tasty.

2 thoughts on “Ten Four things I didn't know this time last week

  1. paola

    Ahhhh, le “cake” au yogourt! Depuis le temps que je veux l’essayer… Il vaut la peine?

    Re: les mormons – ma coloc est mormon (mormone?). Mais vraiment pas représentative de sa religion, compte tenu de son ouverture d’esprit (et ça, c’est elle qui le dit, pas moi).

    J’ai parlé à ton chum hier. Contente de savoir que tout va bien, malgré les deux jobs. Au fait, si jamais tu te fais des contacts dans la presse british, tu me le dis – je demande pas mieux que de venir vous rejoindre…

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