How about that summer glow?

I’m pasty white, there’s no two way about it, I have no lovely olive skin that tans nicely as soon as the sun peaks out of the clouds.

So I thought I’d do something about it and bought some of Johnson’s new Holiday Glow moisturiser with a little bit of tanning agent. It’s meant to be minimal enough that clumsy incompetent people like me manage a streak-free look.

Now this could go three ways. Either I’ll end up with no tan at all, I’ll have a perfect light tan, or I’ll end up day-glo orange. Stay tuned tomorrow for the results of the Johnson’s Holiday Glow Experience!

One thought on “How about that summer glow?

  1. Jowel

    I want that update!
    Je t’envoie une photo par e-mail pour te montrer que je suis ultra-blanche, pratiquement au point d’émettre de la lumière! 😛

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