They've understood good customer service – Part II

Last month, I mentioned that Audi and John Lewis had impressed me with the quality and simplicity of their customer service.

4x4We always think of our relationship with insurance companies as complicated, lengthy and generally dull. Of course, you’ve got the likes of “Quote Me Happy” Norwich Union who try to be amusing, but the best we can manage is a smirk at the guy who “ran into a friend and took his hubcaps off”.

But Seth links to Rich’s “That’s what I’m talking about” post:

“The short, Americanized version: Guy runs off the road with his Citroen. Files a claim. The insurance company sends him a toy SUV with a note that says he’d enjoy off-roading a bit more in a different sort of vehicle…”

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! It’ll make the pill go down easier when his premium goes up massively too…

Read the entry for yourself here.

One thought on “They've understood good customer service – Part II

  1. lattégirl

    I was wondering how things turned out with that tanning stuff you bought, because I’m looking for a comparable streak-free, non-orange product. Please let us know ease of application and results?

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