You can't buy that kind of advertising

YouTube‘s been the breeding ground of many 15-seconds-of-fame videos. Some were just bizarre, some were very funny, and others, well… the vast majority, are just dull and you might as well watch paint dry.

It’s also home to the best brand ambassador I’ve seen in a while. She probably didn’t even realise she was doing it.

Melody, the 17 year old teen that’s been promoting her home-made videos on YouTube, caused a rise in Logitech’s sales on all by herself by simply explaining her webcam’s features to ‘the world out there’. People have been asking her in her comments about that remarkable cam she has and in one of her posts she explains it’s Logitech’s Quickcam Orbit MP.

My first thought was that she had been paid in one form or another by Logitech to create the video, but Coolz0r‘s thoughts are that she probably isn’t.

Well… see for yourself.

Her story has now been quoted in The Guardian, Clickz, C|Net and Seth Godin‘s blog.

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