Update on the "Summer Glow"

Last week, I posted that I was attempting to leave behind my pale almost-light-emitting look (as my sister would call it…) for a “summer glow” without sun. My sister and a few readers have been poking me repeatedly (ok, virtual poking but still…) to get an update on it.

Johnson's Holiday SkinAnyone who knows me will know I’m against tanning and leaving yourself open to skin damage and can rant on about the evils of the sun’s rays for ages. So I tried Johnson’s Holiday Skin.

Let’s make the distinction right away – The big bottle in the picture is the body moisturiser and the little box, which contains a little bottle, is the face moisturiser. In a nutshell, the big one is good, the little one is bad bad bad!

The body moisturiser just gives a very light shade to the skin and would probably take a good few layers before making a significant difference. But it also means it’s idiot-proof by being such a faint colour, which makes it great for me.

The face moisturiser dries the living hell out of your skin, to the point where the skin under my eyes started peeling! It felt like I had two black eyes, and didn’t look much better than that either. I guess it must’ve given me a faint darker glow, but as I didn’t want my face to peel off entirely, I stopped using it after three days. I’m sure someone with less sensitive skin would be fine, but in my case, it just didn’t work!

I’m sure Jo, my light-emittingly-white sister who gets a gorgeous olive tan as soon as the sun comes out, was hoping I’d say I turned freakishly orange and couldn’t leave the house for three days, but unfortunately for her, it wasn’t that comical 😛

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