Automattic/ gets funding

Toni Schneider, the CEO of Automattic (,, etc.), gave more details on the funding that founder Matt Mullenweg wrote about a few days ago on his blog.

WordPress is, in my eyes, the best blogging software around, and considering the extent of the blogging trend, these guys deserve the boost. Hopefully, it’ll enable them to develop Askimet,, etc even further. Everything points to and Ping-O-Matic remaining independent and managed by the WordPress foundation, which is also good news.

Matt’s comments also give me confidence that they’re not planning to blow their funding: “Automattic isn’t going to get fancy SoMA offices, throw huge parties at SxSW, or “get big fast.”

Keep up the good work guys!

[Found via TechCrunch]

One thought on “Automattic/ gets funding

  1. pa

    je ne connais pas Wordp…etc… mais je connais mademoiselle V. ! Je vous souhaite une belle fin-de-semaine de Pâques..(bou-hou..pas de chasse aux cocos de Pâques??)

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