Madame ou mademoiselle?

Saw this article on the Beebs a few days ago, and I think these ladies are getting their knickers in a twist over nothing…

Feminists in France have petitioned the French government to remove the title Mademoiselle or Miss from official administrative documents. Les Chiennes de Garde (the Guard Dogs), the biggest feminist group in France, say the title “perpetuates the submission to macho values” in France.

They say it unfairly forces women to divulge their marital status whereas men have only to reveal their gender. Many women dread the day they are seen as too mature for Mademoiselle.

A polite bonjour to a woman in France is almost always followed by madame or mademoiselle – but the decision as to who is which can be a tricky one.

I love the word “mademoiselle”. I was never a very girly girl, but secretly, mademoiselle was one of those words I always thought was cute, and felt light-hearted and worry-free. Madame, on the other hand, reminds me of Matronne (yeah, “matron” in English, how did you guess?), a less than flattering title. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a demoiselle every so often?

If they’re so keen to be unsubmissive and fiesty Guard Dogs, how about a round o’ fistycuffs? Or will it be handbags at dawn?

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