New service for today's busy spy

Haven’t got time to scan the secret documents you just stole? ScanR can turn your phone’s camera into a scanner – Take a photo of a document and it’ll return a searchable PDF.

It’s a free service so I fail to see how they expect to make their money, but TechCrunch has all the details (and some examples of the returned results, not bad!)

Ok, forget the spy idea. It could come in handy for those meetings where there’s so many whiteboard scribbles, you wouldn’t know where to start to jot those down in sensible notes!

[Edit: Reason #1 ScanR sucks – It takes ages to send your image back. It’s been +36 hours since I sent mine, not received anything. And no it’s not in my spam folder, I checked.]

One thought on “New service for today's busy spy

  1. James@ document scanning

    This is an interesting innovation in phone technology. The fact that the scanners that we use in our Document Scanning is now available in a phone means that Microstat’s industry is advancing all the time. Clients will now be able to index invoices digitally by scanning it with an I phone, which would then be indexed on software such as our Web Hosting for Document Storage.

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