Grumpy me

Grrr it’s Sunday afternoon, I’m in the mood for baking after reading Clotilde and Jen‘s amazing food blogs, doing part two of our Spring cleaning (of how many parts? I don’t know but it’s looking better every time!) and scheming since Friday to make muffins that resemble Clotilde’s Daim bars cake [Daim bars are like Dime to Brits, or Skor to Canadians, but can also be bought as Daim in IKEA].

I really fancy baking something sweet, but without eggs or milk (caused by a misunderstanding when dividing the food shopping list with Andrew yesterday…) the odds are against me.

Muffin issues aside, it’s been a good weekend. Relaxed at home on Friday evening, had a BBQ at some friends’ house yesterday (it really does look like my life revolves around food, doesn’t it?) and spent the best part of today Spring cleaning, including borrowing a Vax carpet cleaner from a friend (Maybe not exciting, but certainly worth doing!). Tonight will involve watching Sky Plus‘ed Doctor Who and eating a cheat’s Thai Green Prawn & Asparagus Curry (Cheat because it’s canned sauce this time. I swear I don’t usually do that!).

Shame the weather wasn’t clement enough to allow for a good bike ride as that would’ve made it the perfect weekend, but we’re getting to the end of April, so the rain showers should make way for long evenings sitting in the garden with a drink. I hope so anyways!

I’ll let you know how the muffins turn out when I get around to making them, hopefully tomorrow night! Enjoy your Sunday night, there’s no reason to be grumpy in the end!

4 thoughts on “Grumpy me

  1. kiersten

    greetings! i’m also a canadian who has recently moved to cambridge! actually, i grew up here (in manchester) and still have british citizenship, but moved to canada as a teenager. anyway… i came accross your blog because i’m keen to start my own blog and was just surfing the web looking for cool ideas. i think your blog is amazing! i’m both excited at the prospect of my own blog, and at the same time, intimidated as i know soooo little about this world :0)
    anyway, mind if i drop back from time to time to see how things are going? it’s actually funny that we share a couple of other similarities- i also LOVE to cook! I have an iBook, and i think the new dr. who is hilarious.
    have a great day,

  2. pa

    ALLO! Ça sent les bons muffins?? On n’a pas téléfunnny en fds, mais je te souhaite une belle semaine au boulot!
    Btw j’enseigne une 4ème semaine à Hawkesbury en musique instrumentale en supplé jusqu’au 4 mai.. c’est très bien pour les élèves d’avoir un autre style de prof de musique.. Bye. XX

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