Mmmm cupcakes!

cupcakes The baking grump is over – I’ve finally made the (very adapted version of) Daim Bars cake Clotilde I’ve wanted to make for a few days. Granted, not a Daim or Dime bar in sight, but rather some nutty nougat chocolate bars chopped in pieces, but the cupcakes are sooo yummy.

They’re bound to make a good office bribe tomorrow… 😉

2 responses to “Mmmm cupcakes!

  1. Where do you work and what time are you putting the cupcakes out? 😉

  2. kiersten

    they look delicious! one thing that i love completely about living here is all the good desserts! the british excel at creams, cheeses, custards, and cakes! have you tried the cakes from m&s? they’re these individual chocolate cakes that, when baked, have a warm gooey, divinely delicious chocolate pudding in them! sorry, i got a little carried away :0) thankyou so very much for your kind note and thoughtful advice- i will be starting my blog this weekend and, after doing some looking around, i’m actually excited about it!
    to answer your questions- i moved to canada as a teenager with my family. my father is an engineer and received a great job offer, plus his brother moved to canada years before and dad loved canada when he visited. we’ve back to cambridge as my husband was offered a fellowship at one of the colleges. i was alos offered a teachin job here, so it seemed like a great opportunity for both of us! i miss canada, my friends and family, but i do love it here- especially on days like today!
    thanks so much for all the advice.
    have a great day,

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