How embarrassing!

Isn’t it embarrassing when you forget the birthday of a good friend or a close work colleague? When, on Monday morning, you ask them how their weekend was and they say it was their birthday but they didn’t do much because they “don’t like birthdays” – at which point it hits you that they dropped a couple of obvious hints about going for some drinks at the pub the week before, which no one picked up on. You end up taking them for a belated birthday drink two weeks later at your local, and it ends up being a great time out anyways.

Well, I feel a bit like that at the moment. I forgot my own blog’s second birthday on April 7th!

But rather than taking it for a drink at the pub and apologising profusely for my forgetfulness, I thought I’d take it for a full spa and makeover. A rejuvenation cure in the form of a WordPress upgrade, a makeover through a new look (thanks to Andrew for putting my ideas into a functioning design!) and a good Spring cleaning of content and links.

For once, I’ve remembered to take a few screenshots of the old design before dismantling it, so I won’t forget what it used to look like. I think I may have developed a permanent aversion to the old ash-purple colour, though I’ll always have a soft spot for the grumpy little girl I had in the header.

So let’s move on to version god-knows-how-many of that canadian girl, the lonely tree. Happy second birthday blog!*

[* I wonder if this is a good enough excuse to bake another cake? Or maybe I need to bake one to thank Andrew for his hard labour… Oh yes, I think that’s a good idea!]

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