The perfect dinner party

Since I’ve hopelessly abandoned Sugar & Spice many moons ago, I’ll be posting food-related entries here until S&S rises from its ashes when I revive it. As it’s a long weekend, I really fancied cooking something nice and homemade for friends coming over for dinner Saturday night.

I decided to go for an Italian theme, and after a bit of brainstorming, came up with this menu…

  • Appetisers of gouda cheese crackers with prosciutto, parmesan, tomato & basil, and goat’s cheese and cherry tomato puff pastries, accompanied by peach Bellinis (peach pieces, peach schnapps topped up with champagne)
  • Starter: Asparagus, rocket and parmesan mixed salad with a balsamic vinegar and garlic olive oil dressing
  • Main course: Homemade spinach, emmental, ricotta and basil ravioli with chargrilled aubergine pesto
  • Dessert: Fruit tart from Sainsbury’s (got lazy by that point!)

While making the ravioli went well, there’s umm… plenty of room to streamline the pasta mix making (“It says to break the eggs in the well of flour directly on the work surface… but it’s gone above the walls, nooo!!! Eggs everywhere!”) and the rather artisanal shapes of the cut ravioli.

Everything else was a complete success: the appetisers were so tasty, I’ll have to make them again soon. (Puff pastry is my new best friend!) Peach Bellinis are one of my favourite drinks, no doubt there! And the asparagus salad is a great new find, considering it’s the beginning of asparagus season.

Now that summer’s starting, dinner parties are going to happen outside and involve a lot more BBQing, but I truly love this kind of dinner parties! Homemade food simply rocks.

4 thoughts on “The perfect dinner party

  1. Lisa

    This may be cheating, but I start off my pasta dough in a food processor just to get the eggs and flour combined. Your menu sounds amazing!

    Damn, this is another blog I’ve got to add to my “Don’t Read When You’re Hungry and There’s Bugger All to Eat at the Office” list.

  2. Vero

    I use my food processor too… it’s called Andrew, and it swears a lot when the eggs start “leaking” out of the flour well 😛

  3. Andrew

    I have to say that you have made better decisions than cracking 6 eggs into a well of flour which is obviously not deep enough to hold them.

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