Google Trends

The Google Labs area is always bubbling away with new ideas and great, or sometimes not so great, tools. (Nothing wrong with “not so great” tools, what benchmark for greatness would we have without average tools to compare them to?)

So this morning, Google Trends caught my attention when Matt Cutts blogged about it. As one would guess from the name, Trends tracks popular search trends, labelling spikes with news articles that were published in that period.

I thought I’d have a look at the seemingly ever-growing online trends that are blogging, podcasting and wikis. This is the result:

Google Trends on blogs, podcasts and wikis

Conclusion #1: Podcasts came to the limelight in 2005, but don’t even come up to the ankle of the great blogging phenomenon. I’m pleased to see the ongoing growth of wikis, as they’re a valuable source of information.

Conclusion #2: There are so many random topics one can search on Google Trends, it’s possible to lose a couple of hours without knowing it! Steve posted 25, Matt’s readers add a few more.

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