Punt, punt, punt your boat…

I’m not sure I mentioned before that one of my three lovely sisters was coming to England for 3 1/2 months this summer, hoping to get a job in Cambridge and enjoy a different lifestyle for a summer.

I can proudly announce that within less than a week of arriving to the UK, she’s officially working for Scudamore’s Punting Company. She hasn’t yet fallen into the river, and only crashes minimally into other punts, so it can only get better from here!

So if you’re in Cambridge sometime soon and fancy getting the full guided tour, pick her as your guide and be sure to tip her over.

Julie's last practice punt before getting a job for Scudamore's in Cambridge

3 thoughts on “Punt, punt, punt your boat…

  1. Ma

    Yayyy, Julie the punter. Merci pour la photo et souhaite-lui une bonne journée demain. Crème solaire et chapeau à grands bords. Attention de ne pas perdre l’équilibre… et plouf!

    Love, Ma xoxo

  2. kiersten

    my goodness, talk about having teh quintesential cambridge experience- you can’t get more cambridgian than punting! good for her, i hope she has an amazing summer, and it must be so nice for you to have family here for a while.

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