Saturday: Eurovision Song Contest

This Saturday will be the 51st Eurovision Song Contest, held in Athens, Greece.

It’s a unique event for so many reasons, but mainly, it’s the one time of the year where each country agrees to making a complete fool of itself for the sake of “music”.

While Terry Wogan’s classic commentary makes the event slightly less painful, I suggest a drinking game. Let me know if you choose to tune in to the embarrassment that is the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night!


  • Sing
  • Speak in rhyme
  • Gaze into each others eyes — drain glass if they pash

Singers/Backup Singers

  • Wink at camera
  • Drop to their knees
  • Make a peace sign
  • Sing in language other than English or native tongue (ie. Ukrainian sings Hasta La Vista)
  • Wear a hat – drain glass if wearing horns
  • Flick their hair – drain glass if bald
  • Have a moustache – drain glass if female with moustache
  • Show décolletage – drain glass if wearing a codpiece
  • Rapping – drain glass!


  • Mime heavy guitar solo
  • Play an ‘ethnic’ instrument
  • Play piano while standing
  • ‘Ethnic’ dancing – drain glass if Hip Hop dancing
  • Pretend to fight – drain glass if martial arts
  • Contortionist – drain glass!


  • Helicopter shots
  • Sped up or slowed down film
  • Any costume change
  • Any key change
  • Use of props (i.e. candles, ribbons, dummies)
  • Use of fireworks – drain glass if singer catches fire
  • UK gets no points – drain glass if UK catches fire
  • Your country wins – drain glass!

All credit for this hilarious drinking game goes to Kim Beissel.

2 thoughts on “Saturday: Eurovision Song Contest

  1. Matey

    Did anyone notice that Pentagrams were everwhere at the Eurovision song contest and crowd members were giving the two finger satanists salute ?
    Well you should have done. Greece used a pentagram to depict 5 different aspects of Greece at the beginning of the show. The Turkish entry finished by making a pentagram out of the dancers arms. A bunch of idiots dressed as Satanists, while denying they are Satanists, won. And so on. Get the feeling someone is trying to tell us something?
    I’m glad I know Jesus!

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