American Political Correctness gone mad!

Spice Girls
I’m not sure whether to call this political correctness or a frightening attempt at sheltering children from reality, but it’s completely bonkers!

Five girls were suspended from school and banned from going to their Grade 8 graduation, all because they sang “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls during a school show. So what’s particularly offensive about that song? (The only crime being commited here is the Spice Girls wearing platform shoes)

The issue is over one word that the principal thought inappropriate: “lover.”

The parents say the lyrics are, at best, G-rated bubble gum. Now, what they want, what they really-really want, is for the school to allow the girls to go to their class party. “To take away their eighth grade celebration, which is one of their few socials they’ve had in the three years that she’s been there, I thought that was very harsh,” Lowe said.

School officials say the girls were told to change the lyrics, but the kids say that’s not true, and that it shouldn’t be a crime for nice girls to sing The Spice Girls.

Yes, you read that correctly, the word “lover” was the issue. Five A-grade students singing a little pop song get BANNED from their school grad! I’ve got nothing to do with the situation, but it absolutely infuriates me that a school principal can waste time dealing with that kind of situation when the school is most likely facing some much more serious problems, whether with violence, bullying, obesity or poverty.

The USA is one fucked up place.*

[* If they ban kids from school for singing “lover”, I wonder if I’ll get the death penalty for saying fuck? Oh no, I said it again!]
[Found via Jimena]

2 thoughts on “American Political Correctness gone mad!

  1. Alli

    hi. im alli. i was baby spice in that talent show. im in the 8th grade, going into 9th. yea, my principal is ridiculous. but thankfully, i don’t have to deal with her any longer since im going to high school. i just hope my high school isn’t lie that.

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