Funny Google Searches – Part VII

Every few months, I like to post some of the most unusual and bizarre Google searches that have landed people on my site. It’s a good laugh so I thought I’d share it.

  • “turkey twizzlers nutritional breakdown” – 95% fat, 5% gristle, hope that helps you!
  • “how do i get rid of love handles if i m a girl without a gym” – You eat less turkey twizzlers!
  • “fat kid strikes again” – The Obese People’s Union Walks Out Over Turkey Twizzlers Ban (But Are Too Lazy to Protest)
  • “bosom exam photos” – Whatever fancy name you give your search, you’re still just looking for tits!
  • “husband corset glue wig” – Whatever your husband does behind closed doors to liven up your marriage, I don’t want to know!
  • “the most beautifull ladyboy” – See above
  • “healthiest option take away curry” – Honey, it’s curry, the only healthy option is not to eat it
  • “bovered definition” – Look at mah face…
  • “canadian girls with mobile phone number” – Not for you, mate!
  • “chipirones mail order” – Sorry but I don’t get the logistics of this one!
  • “pictures of anastacia and her dog freak” – Don’t they say owners pick their pets to their own image?
  • “andrew s high heels pages” – So that’s where my shoes went!
  • “picture of a family waiting for a school bus” – Ok this one’s just odd…

And now, this week’s challenge. You make up the comment for this last one:

  • “how to make a french canadian girl happy” – Your comment here

3 responses to “Funny Google Searches – Part VII

  1. I know the secret to making every woman happy. I can’t tell you though. 😡

  2. thought i’d add to the list, searching for “bad english” which is hte name of a dragster built from a 1940’s ford saloon car and a massive engine.

    pic that came up on the image search is of a 4×4 marooned on a bollard.

    hope you’re well,
    have fun,

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