Pimp my snack

Giant Toffee PennyI came across this site last night and was fascinated by the concoctions some people managed to come up with! Gigantor Jaffa Cakes, one-foot-wide Toffee Pennies and even Samosas the size of your head! It’s Pimp my Snack!

Rather than spend my Sunday slaving over supersized sugared goods, I think I’ll treat myself to the little luxury that is baking a new Domestic Goddess recipe.

She says “Recently I made sticky buns — banana sticky buns to be exact. And while they were baking I had this instant moment when all I could smell was dough, caramelizing sugar and the heady scent of baking bananas. It was so lovely and so uplifting – the entire apartment smelled like a sweets shop and I couldn’t help but smile. That is probably one of the reasons I love to bake…not only do you get to eat a delicious treat when it’s done and out of the oven, but you also get to enjoy it while it’s baking and it’s scent drifts around you, comforting and stimulating at the same time.”

This is exactly why I love baking, the comforting smell relaxes me and takes me to a different place where I can stop worrying about the daily rubbish. It’s also why I love sharing baked goodies with work colleagues or make little baskets for friends and neighbours (well, that and the fact that if I ate everything I baked, I wouldn’t fit through the door to the kitchen!)

So time to go for a walk down to Sainsbury’s and pick up the necessary goods to make some godly sticky buns. I’m sure Jen won’t mind me modifying the recipe slightly to include some maple syrup (freshly delivered from Canada by my little sister) and whatever else takes my fancy along the way.

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