Because men are SUCH suckers for gadgets

Heather, of Dooce fame, makes fun of her husband Jon for his gullibility (is that even a word?) in believing that using their new toothbrushes was a lifechanging experience.

Is it just a man thing to be convinced that four blades is better than three, that a couple more horsepower than your neighbour makes you more manly or that you MUST own the latest all-singing-all-dancing gadget?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my gadgets. I would own them all if I could. But I don’t lose all common sense, or get suckered in when an ad tells me it’s the best thing since the iPod. Men become like putty in the advertisers’ hands!

Alright, I’m done pondering this mystery of life. I’m off to the Cambridge Beer Festival, to go hang out with old beardy men in sandals, and my slightly less beardy friends.

2 thoughts on “Because men are SUCH suckers for gadgets

  1. Pa

    C’est normal..selon les études?? Placer devant 2 TV, les garçons de 3 à 6 mois regardent 80% plus la télé qui montre des camions et des tracteurs; au contraire, les bébés filles regardent 80% plus celle avec des personnes en gros plan qui parlent dans une cuisine..hmmm..le besoin de gadgets en action est dans les gênes??!! Tu es peut-être l’exception qui fait la règle..bonne journée! xx

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