SmackBook Pro

So the MacBook Pro comes with motion sensors… What purpose does that serve, other than protecting your hard drive in case you have the misfortune of dropping it?

Someone has written a script to make use of the motion sensors on the MacBook Pro, so he’s developing in what looks like Eclipse (correct me if I’m wrong!) on one screen, then switches to the “other one” to view the work he’s done!

How cool is that!? (As long as you don’t get pissed off at your code and start whacking it a bit too hard!)

Watch it for yourself:

[Found via TheRegister]

2 responses to “SmackBook Pro

  1. See also this parody of the Star Wars Kid from a while back, featuring the software to turn your macbook into a light saber

  2. Mansun

    Now that’s smashing! haha interesting find.

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