Our Prisoner – As if Big Brother wasn't lame enough

Big Brother’s been highjacking Channel 4 for a week or so now. And it took about 5 minutes to establish that it would be a load of rubbish, thanks to the complete freaks that have been selected to live in the house.

But keeping a bunch of wackos in a house of mirrors and cameras isn’t enough for the voyeurs that we are, Our Prisoner has created this gimmicky environment where an ugly, loserish geek called Kieran is “prisoner” in his own house, being watched day and night by cameras (everywhere except the toilet), giving viewers the ability to control certain decisions.

Kieran the loser

It’s like some messed-up Truman show with a willing victim, or a Big Brother without anyone to argue with. Somehow I can’t imagine it getting very exciting, especially considering I’ve only seen a couple of photos of the dorky prisoner and I’m already bored to death by him. It already stinks of failure, and as TechCrunch points out, it’s a thinly disguised publicity stunt for the email company sponsoring it.

It’s painful to look at the site now, and the project still hasn’t been launched. It’s bound to be cringetastic!

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