The end for allofmp3 in the UK?

“Britons using bargain music download website have been warned that they are breaking the law. Record industry trade association the BPI said consumers were breaking UK copyright law because was not licensed to sell recordings”, say the Beebs and CNet.


Why doesn’t the music industry focus on building a new business model that works in today’s world, rather than try to close down sites that sell illegal music? There will always be ways to acquire music or other entertainment media without paying for it, the music industry just need to make their offering more appealing than the illegal one. At the moment, this isn’t the case; overpriced CDs, DRM mp3s which cause unbelievable headaches when trying to transfer music to your own devices, albums with 2 good songs and a load of rubbish on the rest of it. You catch my drift?

Services like Allofmp3, Napster, BitTorrent, etc will keep cropping up, and to try and beat them all is like playing Whack-a-Mole, there’s always another one appearing somewhere else! Rather than take away the users’ rights for buying legally[1], the industry needs to give users unique features and treat them well.

It’s a broken and angry industry, stuck in its old ways. Music will change, with or without them.

[1] If anyone can find the picture of the insert Sony puts inside CDs to list exceptions where those legally-bought CDs would not play. “Any computer which has burning/ripping devices installed, any Apple Mac computers, some car stereos, DVD players, etc…” That’s the perfect example of taking away legal users’ rights.

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