Bravia's been tangoed

If you liked the Sony Bravia advert with the 250,000 superballs bouncing down San Francisco streets, you’ll love Tango Clear’s spoof ad. The ad sums up British humour at its best. What else can I say? It’s just a hilarious way to parody what was a remarkable ad.

Adrants points out that “Apparently, the ad, shot in Wales, has some residents in Swansea so upset, they’ve launched a cheesy looking website to protest against the damage all that fruit did in Wales and to state it will never happen in Swansea. Actually, a little Whois research points out the creators of the Tango Clear ad, Clemmow Hornby Inge, created the protest site apparently hoping to keep the fruit rolling a bit longer.”

The ad has the potential of becoming a great viral on its own, while that fake mini-site is unnecessary and a bit lame on their part. I still hope the advert makes it way around – I can only imagine the reaction of Americans when seeing it.

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