Ye gods it's so hot!

Today was one of the first truly sweltering hot days of the week-we-will-call-Summer in Britain.

little piggy USB fanAs somebody at work pinched my desk fan, will one of my faithful readers buy me this USB piggy fan, please? It’s just too cute! “The fan/tree bit wobbles from side to side, swaying in the self-made breeze, while the little piggy acts as an on/off sliding switch,” says Shiny Shiny. It may not compete with a proper full-size blow-your-head-off desk fan but it’s got a little piggy which makes it all better!

Ok, I think the sun is getting to my brain (or maybe it’s the margaritas…) We now return to our usual posting, sorry for the distraction!

2 thoughts on “Ye gods it's so hot!

  1. pa

    C’est l’effet du retour au travail ..à moins qu’il y a des margaritas au travail??
    ‘Bon chance’ dans ce nouveau (ancien) job..xx

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