And she's back…

A week and a half later, I’m back from holidays. I had a fantastic week in good ol’ Menorca, our regular summer destination, adopted for the past few years as the best place to spend a week away from all things and people who cause us stress.

This time, we brought some company along; my sister Jo and her boyfriend Louis, who had just finished a two weeks trip around Europe, and one of my younger twin sisters, Julie. She’s the little troublemaker who’s been living in Cambridge this summer and working on the river doing punting. 🙂

We had a great time, pickled our brains with sangria (I’ll have to share Andrew’s wicked recipe) and spent some time on the boat and beaches getting some well-deserved relaxing time. We always put on plenty of sunscreen on, as promised to mom before we left. In fact, the only potential sunburn I’ve incurred happened today on the long drive back from dropping Jo and Louis off at Heathrow, because we were stuck on the M25 for what felt like a millenium! Britain welcomes you home! (I actually could’ve done with a rainy grey and cold day today. I’m a bit tired of the sun, even though some of you may consider this to be blasphemy.)

Jo & Vero at El Castillo, English Bar in Addaya, Menorca

I’ll be posting plenty of pictures shortly – I just need to boil it down to the best ones, as between 5 people and 4 digital cameras, we’ve got enough pictures of us and the island to keep you in front of a slideshow for a few days straight. Plus, I don’t know how many photos of my fat arse in a bikini I really want to put on the weeb…

So I’m back, feeling relaxed and chilled, ready to get back into real life head first. Well, I’ll be ready after I finish my last holiday book tonight. Maybe.

One thought on “And she's back…

  1. pa

    Merci mille fois prendre soin de la gang..à Haverhiill, Cam, Men, en auto, en bâteau. au condo, alouette…Tu es une gentille alouette soeur..Les photos d’Andrew sont incroyables et amusantes.
    Merci! xoxo

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